Let it go

I celebrate Christmas. I put up Christmas lights around our house. We have a tree with a star on top. I think we have a nativity scene, I can't remember; we have not dug it out yet. But all these things: the Christmas lights, the decorations the tree, the ornaments, the star, the gifts, the songs, none of it (NONE OF IT!) makes Jesus Lord.  All of that is there as part of my celebration of who Jesus is. Some Christians do not celebrate that way and that is fine. But it has been a tradition in our family so that is what we do.

When it comes to the whole Starbucks cup hype, I do not see what the issue is. Starbucks has their cup. It is their right to do with their cup as they wish. If they want their cup to be purple with orange polka-dots, it is their prerogative.

We celebrate Christmas the way we wish. Starbucks can celebrate or not celebrate as they wish.  Would you want someone telling you how you should celebrate Christmas? Would you want someone requiring you to put up or take down a tree, a wreath, a star?

Jesus is Lord – regardless of what’s on a Starbucks cup.  #LetItGo

Ananias and Sapphira from Acts 5 (Bet you didn’t see this coming.) Specifically look at verse 4a.  The land was theirs. The money from selling the land was at their disposal. They could have done anything with it they wanted.  Guess what? Starbucks can decorate their cup the way they want.  It is their cup. #LetItGo